Because …

Keiser is always challenging the status quo of fitness science by exercising the most powerful muscle: the brain. Why start and end within the limits of a machine? Keiser starts with the potential of the human body and develops smarter technology to push the limits of fitness. Keiser Metrics combines the state of the art performance monitoring capabilities of Keiser equipment with the power of cloud based neural networks to provide an advanced fitness and performance platform.

How it works

Keiser Metrics captures performance data from Keiser equipment and incorporates biometric and activity data to generate an accurate model of each workout. Each workout model is passed to an artificial neural network which detects trends and divergences from normative datasets. Once enough data has been gathered, the system begins to provide suggestions and detect potential injuries.



MSeries App

Using the M Series app on an Android or iOS device, exercise data is collected in real time from Keiser M3i, M3i TBT, and M5i equipment. Once the exercise is complete, data is automatically synchronized with Keiser Metrics and available to view on any M Series or Metrics app connected to the same account.


Metrics App

The Metrics app for Android and iOS devices provides an easy way to access Keiser Metrics data from anywhere and has the features and capabilities of the web app. Offline session caching allows access to past workouts when an internet connection is not available.



Strava is the social network for athletes. With a global community of millions of runners, cyclists, and triathletes, united by the camaraderie of sport, Strava brings athletes together to unlock their potential. Connect your Metrics account to Strava to have M Series session automatically uploads into the Strava platform to share with friends and followers.



TrainingPeaks is an eco-system of products designed to enhance training for endurance events. Through clear goals, expert instruction, structured training, and immediate feedback, TraningPeaks helps deliver results. Connect your Metrics account to TrainingPeaks for automatic M Series session uploads directly into the TrainingPeaks platform for immediate review and analysis.